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Fasco A170 Draft Inducer Motor Assembly Canada

  • Fasco A170 Draft Inducer Motor Canada
Canadian $399.00
Canadian $18.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit(s)
Maximum Purchase:
10 unit(s)

Product Description

Fasco A170 Draft Inducer Motor Canada  

Product Specifications:  

115 Volts

3400 RPM

2.3 Amps

Rotation: CWSE

Shaded Pole Motor

Sleeve Bearing

Single Speed


Replacement for:

Fasco 7021-10299; Rotom FB-RFB145

1164282, 1011409, 702110702, 1011095, 1164282, 1010928, 7021-9935, HQ1011095FA, HQ 1010828FA, 702195 94, 70219935, 1011095, 7021-9936, 70219936, 1011097, 7021-10299, 702110299, 1011409, 7021-8918, 1010312, 7021-8918, 70218918, 1164280, 1010526, 1010928, 7021-9362, 1010526, 1010928, 1011095, 1011097, 1011-409, 1010928, 1011095, 1011097, 1011-409, 1164280, 7021-8918, 7021-9362, 7021-9594, 7021-9935, 7021-9936  

Fasco A170 motor is used in the following furnace models:   C8DNL050B12A1 C8DNL050B12B1 C8DNL075B12A1 C8DNL075B12B1 C8DNL075F16A1 C8DNL075F16B1 C8DNL100F14A1 C8DNL100F14B1 C8DNL100L20A1 C8DNL100L20B1 C8MPL050B12A1 C8MPL050B12B1 C8MPL075B12A1 C8MPL075B12B1 C8MPL075F16A1 C8MPL075F16B1 C8MPL100F20A1 C8MPL100F20B1 C8MPL100J20A1 C8MPL100J20B1 C8MPL125J20A1 C8MPL125J20B1 C8MPN050B12A1 C8MPN050B12B1 C8MPN075B12A1 C8MPN075B12B1 C8MPN075F16A1 C8MPN075F16B1 C8MPN100F14A1 C8MPN100F14B1 C8MPN100F20A1 C8MPN100F20B1 C8MPN100J20A1 C8MPN100J20B1 C8MPN125J20A1 C8MPN125J20B1 C8MPN150J20A1 C8MPN150J20B1 H8DNL050B12A1 H8DNL050B12B1 H8DNL075B12A1 H8DNL075B12B1 H8DNL075F16A1 H8DNL075F16B1 H8DNL100F14A1 H8DNL100F14B1 H8DNL100L20A1 H8DNL100L20B1 H8MPL050B12A1 H8MPL050B12B1 H8MPL075B12A1 H8MPL075B12B1 H8MPL075F16A1 H8MPL075F16B1 H8MPL100F20A1 H8MPL100F20B1 H8MPL100J20A1 H8MPL100J20B1 H8MPL125J20A1 H8MPL125J20B1 H8MPN050B12A1 H8MPN050B12B1 H8MPN075B12A1 H8MPN075B12B1 H8MPN075F16A1 H8MPN075F16B1 H8MPN100F14A1 H8MPN100F14B1 H8MPN100F20A1 H8MPN100F20B1 H8MPN100J20A1 H8MPN100J20B1 H8MPN125J20A1 H8MPN125J20B1 H8MPN150J20A1 H8MPN150J20B1 N8MPL050B12A1 N8MPL050B12B1 N8MPL075B12A1 N8MPL075B12B1 N8MPL075F16A1 N8MPL075F16B1 N8MPN050B12A1 N8MPN050B12B1 N8MPN075B12A1 N8MPN075B12B1 N8MPN075F16A1 N8MPN075F16B1 T8DNL050B12A1 T8DNL050B12B1 T8DNL075B12A1 T8DNL075B12B1 T8DNL075F16A1 T8DNL075F16B1 T8DNL100F14A1 T8DNL100F14B1 T8DNL100L20A1 T8DNL100L20B1 T8MPL050B12A1 T8MPL050B12B1 T8MPL075B12A1 T8MPL075B12B1 T8MPL075F16A1 T8MPL075F16B1 T8MPL100F20A1 T8MPL100F20B1 T8MPL100J20A1 T8MPL100J20B1 T8MPL125J20A1 T8MPL125J20B1 T8MPN050B12A1 T8MPN050B12B1 T8MPN075B12A1 T8MPN075B12B1 T8MPN075F16A1 T8MPN075F16B1 T8MPN100F14A1 T8MPN100F14B1 T8MPN100F20A1 T8MPN100F20B1 T8MPN100J20A1 T8MPN100J20B1 T8MPN125J20A1 T8MPN125J20B1 T8MPN150J20A1 T8MPN150J20B1 X8MPN075B12A1 X8MPN075B12A2 X8MPN075B12A3 X8MPN150J20A1 Z8MPN075B12A1 GCK050N12A1 GCK050N12C1 GCK050N12C2 GCK075N12A1 GCK075N12C1 GCK075N12C2 GCK100N16A1 GCK100N16C1 GCK100N16C2 GNK050N12A1 GNK075N14A1 GNK100N16A1 GNM050N12A1 GNM075N14A1 GNM100N16A1 GUK050N12A1 GUK050N12C1 GUK075N12A1 GUK075N12C1 GUK100N16A1 GUK100N16C1 GUM050N12A GUM075N12A GUM100N16A NCGM050EFA1 NCGM050EFA2 NCGM075EGA1 NCGM075EGA2 NCGM100EHA1 NCGM100EHA2 NTG9050FFA1 NTG9075FGA1 NTG9100FHA1 NTGM050EFA1 NTGM075EGA1 NTGM100EHA1 NUG9050FFB1 NUG9075FGB1 NUG9100FHB1 NUGM050EFB1 NUGM075EGB1 NUGM100EHB1 NUGM100EHBI NUGM075EG NUGM SERIES GNK075N14A2 NTGM075EGA3 NUG MO 75 EG-B1 75 EG-B1 NUGM100EHB1 MNUGM075EGB GCK050N12A1 GNM100N16A3 GCK050N12C1 GCK050N12C2 GCK075N12A1 GCK075N12C1 GCK075N12C2 GCK100N16A1 GCK100N16C1 GCK100N16C2 GCK050N12C3 GCK050N12D3 GCK075N12C3 GCK075N12D3 GCK100N16C3 GCK100N16D3 GNK050N12A2 GNK050N12A3 GNK050N12B3 GNK075N14A2 GNK075N14A3 GNK075N14B3 GNK100N16A2 GNK100N16A3 GNK100N16B3 GNK125N20B3 GNM050N12A2 GNM050N12A3 GNM075N14A2 GNM075N14A3 GNM100N16A2 GNM100N16A3 GNP050F12A1 GNP075F14A1 GNP100J16A1 GNP125N20A1 HDUH050N3A1 HDUH075N3A1 HDUH100N4A1 NCGM050EFA3 NCGM075EGA3 NCGM100EHA3 NTG9050FFA2 NTG9050FFA3 NTG9075FGA2 NTG9075FGA3 NTG9100FHA2 NTG9100FHA3 NTGM050EFA2 NTGM050EFA3 NTGM075EGA2 NTGM075EGA3 NTGM100EHA2 NTGM100EHA3 NTGS050FFA1 NTGS075GFA1 NTGS100HJA1 NTGS125KNA1 GUK075A012IM NTGMO75EGA2                               

Warranty Information

1 year warranty with Fasco motors Canada.

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Product Reviews

  1. Exact 7021-10299 replacement with gasket kit 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Mar 2016

    This worked perfectly. The motor came with a bag full of accessories, including gaskets, connectors to change restrictor plate and instructions. Exact replacement fasco motor for the 7021-10299

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