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Replacing Existing Furnace Igniter with Upgraded Nitride Igniter Canada

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Replacing my furnace Igniter - Canada

You can check the resistance with an Ohm meter to ensure the element is good. The recommended resistance is 50 to 90 Ohms for the flat style element igniters.

Your furnace original Silicon Carbide igniter has most likely been used by furnace manufactures for a long time. This old technology hasn’t changed much in almost 59 years.

They are very fragile, break easily.

Grease or dirt can cause early failure.

although they are available with different ceramic bases, most of the silicon carbide igniters are the same and they fail more than any other part of the furnace

Exact OEM manufacturer igniter replacements

These are the easiest way to replace these Hot surface HSI igniters:

With the same base and same plug as the original they will fit easily and quickly

Take care not to bump the element or to touch it with your fingers.

OEM may not always be the best choice when it comes to igniters.

www.heatingpartscanada.ca offers upgraded nitiride igniters with a ceramic bases similar to the OEM original parts. They provide different plugs to allow models to become exact fit replacements for hundreds of manufacturers’ igniters.

Why would I upgrade to a nitride igniter?

  • The newer Silicon Nitride Igniters are more durable and are harder to break.
  • They are easy to recognize by their smooth non-porous surface.
  • They also use less energy to operate then older original igniters and they will normally outlast the older style igniters by 2 -7 times.

These replacement igniters cost more but they will outlast the original igniters

For easy installation some nitride upgraded igniters offer retrofit kits, including multiple brackets to fit the mount in the current furnace. Manufactures such as Honeywell, White Rodgers and TrueStart offer retrofit igniter kits.

Always refer to igniter manufactures cross reference before retrofitting. In some cases the Nitride igniter may not work for instance, in a furnace that doesn’t utilize a flame sensor.

Upgrading to a nitride universal igniter kit – Canadian igniter cross reference:
Replaces over 150 types of igniters listed below:

AMERICAN APPLIANCE 271B American Road Equipment 201W ARCO AIR 1380680 1096048 ARMSTRONG AIR 38322B001 Carrier/ Bryant/Payne F767A-357 F767A-361 LH33ZG002 LH33ZS001 LH33ZS001A LH33ZS002 LH33ZS002A LH33ZS003 LH33ZS003A LH33ZS004 CLAIRE BROTHERS C-238 C-242 COLEMAN/ EVCON 025-32625-000 1474-051 1474-052 Comfort Maker 1096048 COMFORT ZONE 150114-04-01 Detroit Radiant 201D DMO INDUSTRIES 20834 Dornback Furnace 271W DUCANE 20015201 ENERCO TECH 10399 Goodman/ Amana 0230K00001 10735003A 20165702 20165703 201657-03 20165703S 601 B1401009 B1401015S B1401018 B1401018S B140109S HB SMITH 50018 Heil 1096048 Honeywell Q3200U1004 Q3200U1040 ICP 1009604 Intercity 1009604 1096048 L. B. White Company 120-07549 Lennox 91X2201 X928101 Luxaire/ Moncrief 2532625000 MAJESTIC 75-92-104 75-92-105 Metzger 201N 201W Modine 5H76032A MOR-FLO 3200580 3200618 3210401 Nordyne 105141000 632-0770 632-0880 902661A 903110A 903758 NORTON 201 201D 201J 201K 201L 201M 201N 201R 201W 201Y 271 271M 271N 271NM 271P 271W 271Y PERFECTION SCHWANK YRA T 108803-G1 RAYPAK 600915 Rheem/Ruud 62-22441-01 62-22868-02 62-22868-82 62-22868-93 ROBERTS GORDON 90434300 90436600 ROBERTSHAW 41-402 41-403 41-404 41-405 41-406 41-407 41-408 41-409 41-410 41-411 41-412 41-414 41-418 41-602 Snyder General 1380654 1380672 1380680 SUPERIOR FIREPLACE 94851 Tempstar 1096048 Trane 340039P01 B138196P01 B144676P01 B144676P02 B340039P01 IGN00023 IGN00026 IGN00030 IGN00034 IGN00054 IGN00115 IGN00134 X13120661010 VIESSMAN 9302-094 W. W. Grainger 1EFX2 3XA73 5E810 5E811 5E812 5E813 WAYNE HOME EQUIPMENT 62821-001 62821-002 Weil McLain Co. ISTO Leth ISF RO Mhe AT. ING p.ART S511-330-139 511-330-188 511-330-190 511-330-193 Whirlpool Corp. 99796417 99911563 99911564 WILLIAMSON, HUPP INDUSTRIES 09050 White-Rodgers 21D64-1 21D64-2 767A-301 767A-303 767A-306 767A-310 767A-311 767A-350 767A-353 767A-354 767A-357 767A-361 767A-364 767A-365 767A-366 767A-370 767A-371 767A-372 767A-373 767A-374 767A-376 767A-377 767A-378 767A-382 767A-383 767A-384 York International 025-25435-000 025-27766-000 025-27774-000 025-29043-000 025-29050-000 025-32625-000 Universal OEM Cross Reference White-Rodgers™ 21D64 Series Universal 120 Volt Hot Surface Ignitor Upgrade Kit


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