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Q. How can I cut down on indoor air pollution?

Q. What can I do to cut down on indoor air pollution?



- If you live in an older house, make sure your home is free of asbestos and lead paint, especially when remodeling.

- Choose personal hygiene and cleaning products that do not introduce harmful toxins into your home.

- Avoid using pesticides indoors.

- Watch for moisture in areas like your basement. Carpets, curtains or towels should not be left wet.

- Choose an air filter with an appropriate MERV rating and change it regularly.

- Smoke outdoors instead of inside your home.

- Check that your gas-powered heaters are functioning correctly and ensure that the flame is blue.

- Clean your chimney annually.

- Use a HEPA filter in your vacuum cleaner.

- Grill outside only —not inside your garage or home.

- While your car is running, do NOT close your garage door.